Thank You, Kansas City!

On the eve of Kansas City’s Inaugural Startup Crawl, we at Leap2 would like to thank the community for the extraordinary support you provide your startups!
For those of us at Leap2, the number of times people in KC have supported us, encouraged us, and collaborated with us has been incredible.

The journey has touch points that trace the very route of the Crawl itself. The Leap2 story is a ‘Kansas City Story’.

We began our journey tucked in a Crossroads OfficePort (eventually moved to OfficePort Rivermarket). Thank you, Shaul, Kate & Company for your open offices for startups.

Soon after conceptualizing how we would revolutionize mobile search, we came across our friends at Red Nova Labs (before they moved into their swank space
on Rainbow). RNL, early on took the “leap” with us and built the first javascript prototype of Leap2. Thank you, Dan, Carrie, Bob & Co.

Next on the Leap2 journey, the Kauffman Foundation. How do we even begin to thank the Foundation for all you have done for us, and for entrepreneurs locally, nationally, and internationally? We should be so lucky to have the world’s leading foundation in our backyard.

Thank you, Lesa, Cameron, Nate & Co. and Silicon Prairie News. Wow, the spotlight you have brought to the startup community regionally, and the work to build the entrepreneurial ecosystem has been incredible. You are just getting started. Big Kansas City is next – going to be huge. And to the ‘Village’ (KCSV), our latest home on the Leap2 journey in KC’s first Fiberhood. It goes without saying, the recent national and international attention that has been placed on KC would not have happened if not for Google choosing Kansas City as its Fiber city. Thank you, Google.

With Fiber, the Imagination has been Ignited! It feels like we are onto something quite significant. Working together, entrepreneurs along with the KC community, the sky’s the limit. We are just beginning.

So from all of us at Leap2. (Mike, Dan, Tyler, Andrew, Jaime, Mike, Thad, Sarah, Travis, Aaron) Thank you, Kansas City.

Company Information:
Desktop Search:
Type of Business: Search Applications
Founded: 2011
Founders: Mike Farmer & Dan Carroll

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